Our Readiness 360 Discipleship Survey

A Unique, Color-Coded Survey


The mission of the United Methodist Church is 
             "to make disciples of Jesus Christ
                  for the transformation of the world."

Our church, along with countless others across the country, has made a commitment to do a better job at producing disciples.

As part of our "Readiness 360+" project for 2017, we are using 
                   "The Real Discipleship Survey". 

It's a tool that our annual conference is providing to every member in its churches.  The results are reported anonymously but the info provided is very helpful.

It will help us better understand the potential God has for us in our discipleship journey. 

Through this tool, we will be given a chance to see how we are developing as disciples of Jesus, and how we can continue to grow into the maturing disciples Jesus is calling us to be.

Using the link below, you will be able to utilize this tool.


Even though the total results are reported anonymously, your personal results will provide you with plenty of information as you prepare to take your next step in your discipleship journey.

Thank you so much for making a decision to take this survey. 

Your commitment to this project of our church does not only benefit you in your own discipleship journey, but helps us as the leaders of this church to best determine what tools for discipleship we need to offer the whole church.


Taking the Survey

To take the Real Discipleship Survey offered by the church, please click the link below and follow the instructions below.


You will be directed to the Real Discipleship Survey registration page. 


Input this Code from the Church: PEACEHOPEJOY


1. Create an account listing: 

          Select:  NORTH District
          Select: Lancaster UMC

2. Choose and input
           an ID NAME, enter your email 
           and a personal password

3. Log in again with that email and personal password.

4.  Take the Survey by selecting ONE box from each color.


The survey page looks like a bunch of colored rectangles, each containing a statement. (see right)

You complete the survey by selecting one statement for each color of box on the page. 

Pick the statement that fits you best. 

For example, 
     Select one blue box, one red box, one green box, etc. 

As you select a colored box, all the same colored boxes will be grayed out to ensure you do not accidentally pick the same colored box twice. 

Once all the boxes are grayed out, letting you know that you have completed the survey, simply click the 'submit survey' button at the top of the page, and you have finished it. 

If you make a mistake, click the 'reset' button at the top of the page and start over. Altogether, the survey should take no more than three minutes.

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