Making "Blessing Bags" for the Homeless

Make some today with your family!


Lancaster United Methodist Church

“Sunday School @ Home”

Make “Blessing Bags”
click here for downloadable instructions

This is a very real, tangible way to help in a situation where you find someone who is in need and you really feel like you want to do something but are unsure of exactly what to do.  

Handing out a Blessing Bag meets their immediate needs by providing them with some basic supplies such as toiletries, water, food and warmth and doesn’t simply offer them money.

Blessing Bags are great to keep on hand in your car to hand to them right away.  This demonstrates to your kids the act of giving through God’s love in the face of a need instead of just driving by or walking away.





Get 1 Gallon Plastic Bag, fill with:

Bottled Water and/or Juice Box

Fruit or Apple Sauce Cup

Vienna Sausage (Canned Meat)

Crackers and Cheese   and/or   Granola Bar

Spoon,  Napkin  (perhaps some tube sox)

Cut out prayer slips from the bottom of this page and add to each bag.


  Other items might inclulde:


Make a couple of these and put in your car. 
(Don’t leave them in the car when it’s hot.) 
Make some for family friends as a sample for them to do.

Make Want more info?:


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(Print out the following prayer
and place it into the Blessing Bag.)

O God, as Naomi and Ruth journeyed from one land to another seeking a home,
we ask your blessing upon all who are homeless in this world.
Bless the giver and receiver of this bag.  
May it be a reminder that you have promised to your people
a land flowing with milk and honey.

Inspire us all to follow your will,
to work faithfully and lovingly so that all who are homeless
may find a place of peace, protection and nurture,
flowing with opportunity, blessing and home.  Amen