Bring Your Family Together
Messy Church helps FAMILIES
come together!

Messy Church COMING SOON!

Hey thanks for checking out Messy Church at Lancaster United!

Each Messy Church celebration provides families with experiences that "bring them together!"
Our next event is a bicycle training course for kids 3-12 and for Parents too if they want to join.
Most people learn to ride two-wheeled bikes when their young, some people don't. I knew a guy who, when I was growing up, learned how to ride a unicycle.
He got so good at it that we used to make him jump the small ramps we built for two-wheeled bikes. Sometimes he cleared the jump. Sometimes he fell face first.
Either way, we celebrated!

Whatever you and your family ride, you and your wheeled contraptions are welcome.
All riders with bikes with and without training wheels, scooters, four-wheeled toddler pushers, and yes, even unicycles are welcome!

You can find inexpensive helmets that will fit your child at Walmart for just a few bucks. 


See you all on Saturday morning, April 28th, 10-Noon!

In Christ, 
Pastor Jason Woodell

At the MC Bike Rodeo, your child will learn:

  • To accelerate and stop
  • Look both ways at an intersection
  • Share the road with other riders
  • Inspect their bike each time they ride
  • and more


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What happens at Messy Church?
At every Messy Church we eat dinner together, talk about God, sing songs, engage a Bible lesson, and have fun! We do this as a family for everyone with everyone.

When is Messy Church?
Messy Church happens at Lancaster United Methodist, 918 West Ave J, Lancaster, Ca 93534
on the THIRD THURSDAY of every month from 5:30-7:30pm.

How much does it cost?
Messy Church along with all of the activities are FREE. However, a suggested donation of $2-$5 is appreciated for dinner with a max of $20 per family.

Is there an age limit?
No, there is not. Messy Church is an inter-generation worship experience that seeks to "bring families together" no matter their age. There is something for everyone at Messy Church.