Youth Mission Trip 2015

Navajo Nation Reservation, Crownpoint, New Mexico

Please keep our youth, counselors and Pastor Jason in your prayers.

Join our welcome home this Sunday, June  14!



     Two hours from Albuquerque in the desert mountains of the Navajo Nation Reservation, lies the struggling community of Crownpoint, New Mexico.

     Houses are deteriorating and lack many of the amenities that we may take for granted. With no running water, many elderly residents are forced to use outhouses, which at their age, is a difficult task.

     But despite this extreme poverty, there is a beautiful presence in the community of Crownpoint. Many of the families embrace their rich history and traditions, while also carrying a strong faith in Christ.

     They want to see an end to the poverty that plagues their community, but simply lack the resources to do so. To this end, Lancaster United Methodist Church is sending a mission trip of our youth to partner with Next Step Ministries and local leaders to help rebuild Crownpoint.

     Under the leadership of Pastor Jason, they are going to make much-needed repairs to existing homes, such as roofing, siding, drywall, stucco, flooring, ramps and other projects. Through this important physical labor, they will display the love of Christ to families and individuals seeking after His mercy and freedom.