Friends of the Moller Pipe Organ at Lancaster UMC

Join in on the Restoration and Completion

of our Moller Pipe Organ:  Opus 9870

Tour of a Moller Pipe Organ
Mr. Browning at work on repairing the pipes in 2014.
                LUMC Moller Organ, Opus 9870 
           with 1,200 individual pipes

Originally built in 1964 by the M. P. Moller Organ Company of Hagerstown, MD as their Opus 9870, this organ was installed with a very limited number of pipes, but with preparations in both the console and pipe chambers for future expansion.  

Since a pipe organ can last for hundreds of years, and since its initial cost of acquisition can be relatively high, it is quite common for pipe organs to be built with preparations for future expansion. 

The organ began with just seven sets of pipes (called “ranks”), and has, as of 2016, twenty sets of pipes, with approximately 1200 individual pipes.  

With a resored and completed Pipe Organ, plans are in the works to continue providing our Sanctuary venue to community events of various types like concerts, silent movies and various community choirs.

If you would like to help in this effort, make suggestions, or have ideas, 
please contact the Friends of the Moller Pipe Organ at:  661-942-0419  or email us at:



does a Pipe Organ


Watch this video from Duke University Chapel

  A set of pipes that plays in one of the manuals generally has 61 pipes corresponding to the number of keys on the keyboard. 

A set in the Pedal division will have 32 pipes, or, if utilized at two or three pitches, 44 or 56 pipes.

Two of the four divisions of this organ is now considered complete, the original specification having been filled out in the Great and Choir divisions. 

The Pedal division has two of its planned three sets and awaits only its 16’ Bombarde set for completion. 

The Swell division is prepared for an additional seven sets of pipes. 

The linkage between the console (keyboard keys) and the pipes is not mechanical, rather, it is electrical, electrical/mechanical and electro/pneumatic.  

This Moller organ can be completed per its original design specification with the addition of eight ranks of pipes; one in the Pedal and seven in the Swell.

They are:

 Pedal:  16’ Bombarde,   56 pipes

Swell:     4’  Principal,    61 pipes 

              4’  Flute,         61 pipes

              2'  Flautino,     61 pipes

            III  Plein Jeu,   183 pipes

                 4' Clarion,     61 pipes      


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