Renewing Our Members

            We cherish our members. They are precious to God and dear to us.  We love them.
            We have all committed to: 

regularly worship together,

                        * grow spiritually inwardly and in outreach to our nieghbors,

                        * tell others what God has been doing in our lives
                                     through the awesome power of the love of Jesus Christ.

We want to renew the connection

               with our inactive members... 

   Please look over this list carefully.  If you have some knowledge about their whereabouts and how we can get in contact with them, contact us.
     Use our on-line form to let our office know what you know.  We'll follow up and contact them.

   Better yet, if you have a personal relationship with any of these individuals, contact them directly and tell them you miss them... and our church misses them!  We want to restore our fellowship with them!

     If they live out of the area, encourage them to join a nearby church and then let Lancaster UMC know.  

     If they are still in the Antelope Valley, invite them to join you at some of our activities, classes and worship events. 

     You could play a big part in changing their life by sharing God's love with them.

     Thank you for all you do, your prayers and your participation.

                    Pastor Terry Van Hook
                    Membership Outreach Project
                    Leadership & Nominations Team 

List of Church Members who have not attended worship,
participated in classes or supported Lancaster UMC in the last three years.
On-line Response Form    On-line Response Form    On-line Response Form

Alexander, Robert

Allison Heather

Amman, Dorothy

Barrett, David

Barrett, Leslie

Bolden, Melissa

Bonilla, Salomon Jose

Bonnell, Mrs. Ethel  M.

Bowen, Karen

Boydston, Maggie

Brault, Bernard

Brault, Elizabeth

Breuer, Erik

Brown, Max

Brown, Mindy

Buckman, Kim

Burton, Carlos

Caine, Thelma

Capasso, Mr. Louis

Capasso, Mrs. Karen

Chincilla, Claudia

Ciaravino, Barbara

Clark, Christin

Conte, Rhonda

Cooley, Charles

Cooley, Charlotte

Coulon, Kirsten

Coulon, Ronald

Damours, Betty

Dawe, Steven

Delp, Wendy

Denton,  John

Doubemier, Richard

Duey, Christine

Ed Arlo Garcia

Escobar, Ernesto

Escobar, Eunice

Feller, Joyce

Fiske, Rebecca

Fiske, Timothy

Flores, Kelli

Flores, Molly

Freeman, Fasia

Galloway, Andrew

Galloway, Dennis

Galloway, Liz

Garcia Alyson

Haston, Caroline

Hawk, Pam

Hawk, Rick

Hawkins, Ana

Henrich, Mrs. Rose

Hinson, Esther

Horton, Laurie

Horton, Robert

Hyatt, Dana

Isaacs, Anita

Johnson, Cary

Johnson, Douglas

Johnson, Karen

Jones, Daniel

Jones, Lisa

Kai, Michiko

Kamosa, Laura

Kamosa, Michael

Kinard, Olin

Kirkelie, Ryan

Kiskelic, Kim

Kock, Meri

Maeda, Nagisa

McCaslin, Diane

Medal, Kristina Lynn

Merrick, Kathleen

Miller, Lani

Miller, Tim

Mullens, Doris

Mullings, Mike

Oakes, Patty

Oderkirk, Erika

Olinger, Brian

Oyairo, Elizabeth

Palmer, Mrs. Hisako

Penrod, Philip

Penrod, Sally

Perez, Beverly

Perez, Macario

Rees, John

Reyes, Fernando

Reynolds, Robert

Roberts, Mr. Vern

Roberts, Mrs. Bonnie

Ross, Felicia

Rottman, Janel

Rottman, Tim

Schmidt, Sara

Schmitendorf, Jay

Scholthies, Beverlee

Shook, Vincent

Smock, John

Smock, Sharon

Speelman, Kathy

Speelman, Larry

Stanton, Nicole

Stanton, Rachel

Stoll, Donna

Stringers, Jeremy

Swain, Matthew

Tauch, Carl

Trammell, Jane

Weirbach, Robert

Weirbach, Una

Weisbach, Melissa

Weldy, Jill

Weldy, Pam

Weldy, Rachel

Whittle, Seiko

Williamson, Kristin

Wolf, Mike

Wood, Nancy

Wuest, Mark

York, Jim

Zahn, Cindy

On-line Response Form