Ideas for a Faithful Christmas

Here are some ideas

to refocus your Christmas

on God's love in Jesus Christ.

  1. Set up a Nativity and make it a focus in your home. [We put ours front and center on the entry table in our home].

  2. Hide baby Jesus and “seek” Him Christmas morning before opening gifts. [I did this first thing this year. Here's how I found it half an hour later. Turns out Mary had a little Snowman. I love little kids].

  3. (or) Gift wrap baby Jesus in your nativity and let this be your first unwrapped gift Christmas morning.

  4. Take a cue from the Magi and limit the gifts and reminding kids it’s not their birthday, it’s His.

  5. Have a daily family devotion (  that unwraps Christmas. Offer a verse for each day and a question or two that will hopefully lead to a meaningful discussion. 

  6. Participate in Advent. Make a "Jesse Tree"  (   And I love this Advent ebook for little hands.

  7. Light an Advent wreath each day leading up to Christmas.

  8. Have a birthday cake for Jesus or go all out and make it a birthday party! I love this Happy Birthday, Jesus! Celebration Kit. 

  9. Watch DVDS like about Jesus and his birth that help you tell the real story of Christmas.

  10. Give your kids the gift of giving: Have them shop with purpose. Give your kids money to shop from the Compassion gift catalog or the LUMC Alt. Gifts website. .

  11. Or buy something that blesses twice and changes lives The Mercy Shop (Mercy Shop) features handmade items from around the world built by people in 3rd world countries. 

  12. Don’t stress about things that really don’t matter this Season. Many of us are a Christmas hoarder in the past. Perhaps you could have two newlywed couples come and dig thru your decorations. Save two boxes of things you value most and gave the rest away. It’s simple this year and you'll like it.

  13. Make the Nativity interactive with tools like What God Wants for Christmas. (Order from Amazon)  It’s from the creators of Resurrection Eggs. Take part of the day to visit the NICU (with treats) or another care ward that has a personal connect with your family.  (Your Birth center?)

  14. Talk with your kids about giving God a gift. What does He want from us?

  15. Hang a stocking for Christ. Fill it with notes just for Him.

  16. Invite someone to share Christmas dinner with your family. This is a goal for us this year.

  17. Shop for an impoverished child (See our Angel Tree at the bottom of this page). Perhaps your small group from church can adopted a family with lots of kids. It's exciting to shop for the kids and DELIVER the gifts / Christmas meal on Christmas Eve You may new friends and work with other close friends!

  18. Don’t participate in the excessive commercialism. Enough said.

  19. Watch The Nativity Story or "The Star" (new movie for 2017) together as a family. We started this tradition two years ago. I think this PG movie tells the greatest story ever told very well.

  20. Help your kids shop for their siblings.

  21. Talk about the symbols of Christmas.

  22. Be generous as a family at Christmas-baking, giving, doing.

  23. Hold a Yule log party: it’s an old European custom to bring in an enormous log on Christmas Eve and it in the fireplace (or fire pit) and say prayers. Today, Yule log cakes and eggnog are served. You can sing carols, read Scripture, tell stories, pray for the new year, and have good fellowship.

  24. Bake, make or buy a special gift for your Pastor. We did Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls year before last. What a gift!

  25. Cherish traditions with your family. Start a new one! Like the next one:

  26. When preparing your Christmas meal, set a literal place for Jesus, your honored guest.

  27. Attend church on Christmas Eve. This is a highlight for our family!

  28. Read Luke 2 together on Christmas Eve or morning. We’ve been doing this since before we had kids.

  29. Leave a Nativity out all year long. I did this last year and it was really special.

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     Worn down by the constant commercialization?
     Join us as we explore the deeper meaning of Christmas.

    Additional ideas and suggestions will be posted here.

           Some great ideas here!!!


               Powerful Giving Opportunities

Angel Tree - We're gathering special gifts for families without the means to have a Christmas.  Information about how to join will be available soon.

Alternative Gift Catalogue - shop for "gifts" that continue to give: water wells in Africa, Youth in Liberia, local missions as well.   We'll have a special "shopping day" in our Grand Foyer on an upcoming Sunday.

Thanksgiving Day Meal - for the Poor and Homeless:  Join our team that opens our doors every Monday and Thursday to serve a hot meal the hungry, poor and homeless. Special Thanksgiving menu planned.

Call  661-942-0419 for information about how you can help out.