Right Now Media Library
Our spiritual journey

now has a new set

of digital resources.

Please take a few minutes to view this introductory Video.

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We are considering subscribing to a year's worth of a new religious media library.

This library is for our leaders, members and any church class or group 24/7.  It has a large number of the nations great preachers, teachers and theologians to draw on.

It's "in the cloud" so it's available to use on any screen; Computer, TV, iPad, Smart Phone.  It's a powerful and accessible way to deepen our faith.

It's available from the "Right Now" media group and has a wide selection of Bible study material, devotionals and teachings from some of the top followers of Jesus in our country.
       There's a great library
           of children's videos
make for
                   wonderful family devotions!


In addition there is a customizable Training Library focussed on empowering local church members and leaders at all levels.

Finally, there is a compendium of the keynote and break out talks from a number of major conferences across the country.

Learn about RIGHT NOW MEDIA here.

And the parent organization:  www.RightNow.org

  • Powerful Video Teaching
  • Interactive Experiencial Learning
  • Exclusive Content you'll only find there
  • Anytime Anywhere ...seriously

In order to take advantage of all this, we pay a subscription price of $70  a month.  

We think it is well worth the cost and it will add another layer of Discipleship and Leadership training materials to every committed leader and member of our church.

                  What do you think?  
                  Sent us an email at

   Here's an overview of the media library.


A subscription enables us to have access
to all three of these libraries:
  • Bible Study

  • Training

  • Conferences