Definitions of various funds you can give to...


"But just as you excel in everything...

see that you also excel 

this grace of giving." 

                       - 2 Corinthians 8:7


Funds you can give to right now: 

Description of each fund is found on this page.  


1. General Giving: Our Stewardship & Finance committee will decide where it's needed most.


2. Unified Fund (General Operating Expenses)   
        This supports all our current staff, programs & utilities.


3. Building Fund (Mortgage) This helps us retire the debt from our recent addition of the Grand Foyer.


4. Benevolences/Mission Fund outside LUMC   
We send 14-17% of our income to help others outside our church. We are a Tithing church.


5. Soup Kitchen / Sandwich Shop Fund:  Our weekly effort to feed the hungry.


6. Covenant Missionary: Frido Kinkolenge of Liberia


7.  Disaster Relief: VARIOUS NEEDS.   100% goes to Victim assistance.  UMCOR.COM describes them


8. Pasadena District Mississippi/Katrina: Scott KinKennon will make sure these donations reach those still in need after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. 


9. Jason Woodell Local Pastors School costs: to help him with the estimated $1,500 in tuition, books and housing.


10.  Tsunami Disaster Relief: 100% goes to Victim assistance.  


11. FOOTPRINTS Christian Children's Center -- your donation will help support our childcare ministry for children ages birth-12 year.

12. Tornado/Severe Storms in U.S.A.  100% goes to victim assistance.

Website for up to date disaster info.

13.  Christmas Tamale Sale to support LUMC Hispanic Ministries. 



Lancaster United Methodist Church is active in our community, following Jesus and doing what God calls us to do as we make disciples for the transformation of the world. 

We thoughtfully and purposefully share our time, our talents, and our financial resources to support our ministry.

You may give to any of the catagories and the form below you can participate in our "Direct Giving Program."  In this program, a set amount is deducted from your pay check and transfered directly to Lancaster UMC.  A record of your gift will appear on your regular statement. 

As a participant of the program, you are still free to make additional gifts by check or cash as the Lord provides! You may continue to place your offering in the weekly offering plate, if you choose not to use direct giving. 

In addition, you may increase, decrease, or suspend your giving at any time through the online form or by contacting our Financial Secretary via phone (661-942-0419) or email


Thank you for supporting our Ministry!



Note: UMCOR - Disaster Giving: goto end of article

Thank you

for your willingness

to support

God's Kingdom

through our fellowship.



Need help

getting your finances

in order?

Visit our Financial Helps page 


  General Giving

Thank you for your cheerful and faithful gift. Your contributions help us impact lives on a daily basis. Lancaster United Methodist Church appreciates your continued support.

We ask that you practice good stewardship. Please do not give to LUMC using a credit card; instead use a debit card or a paypal account that is tied directly to your checking account.

We do not want your gift to God to cause debt

 You have the choice of a number of funds to support.  Simply fill in the form at the bottom of this page and indicate the fund you wish to donate to.


NOTE:  Please add 3% to your donation if you would like to cover processing and handling charges by PayPal as well.
We pledge to use your gift with a high level of transparency and accountability.  



We thank God for you!

Through our UMC, 100% of the money that we receive through this process (your donation minus the 3% PayPal Transaction fee) will go to the purpose it was intended.

    Donations to UMCOR disaster funds will have 100% go to victims.

    Additional help and information on why we give and guidelines on how much to give are found on our Stewardship and Generosity Page.

   Our Stewardship & Finance Committee members are always willing to explain how we use and keep track of your gift.  

   Please give us a call at 661.942.0419 and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

   Have a great and blessed day!