What can I do?

Capital Campaign
Lancaster United
Methodist Church

What can I do?
   - Our Goal
   - Our Challenge Goal
   - Specific steps in response



Our Mission:

To make disciples of
Jesus Christ for the
transformation of the world.

To prayerfully seek God’s
guidance and direction — seeking ways in which God’s Holy Spirit will grow and empower us.

To extend the ministry, mission, and outreach
of Lancaster United
Methodist Church.

To provide facilities
that meet the needs
of our congregation,
now and in the future.

Our Goals:

to continue to underwrite our

mortgage obligations for our new buildings.

Challenge Goal, to help us pay down the principle more quickly.

Our Mortgage Total:

$940,000  is needed to retire the debt completely and enable us to move to Phase II.






What can I do?

Be in Prayer

At home or in a group, with our prayer team or simply including our church community in your regular prayers: we are seeking God’s will as the foundation for Living the Vision.
Pray for our church, our members and participants, our ministries and this campaign.  Pray that God will enlighten the us all to know the hope and promise of God’s calling.


Get Involved

Read all you can about this effort as we strengthen Christ’s ministry in us.  See what is happening in our many new groups and missions.  Become informed about all that God is doing through us. Host a coffee, offer to help with our Celebration Brunch and any other way our Living the Vision Team could use you.


Share your faith

Take this opportunity for worship and study to deepen your faith.  There is a whole congregation of friends for this journey!  Listen for and learn from the faith of others.  Find ways to share what you are learning,
encouraging others with what you are exited about and with how you see god at work in your life and in the life of this church.


Make your own prayerful Pledge Decision

Turn your prayers and faith into action.  Make a giving decision that honors God and that is right for you. 

Faithfully and joyfully join your gift to the gifts of
others in our congregation on Sunday, November 5, 2017.


What does this mean for me?



The challenge for 
each of us is to find the unique ways that we can help achieve our common goal for our church. 

For some, it means a weekly or monthly offering beyond our current support. 

For others it means gifting a tangible asset to the church (stock, bonds, property, etc.)

For still others, it means transforming time, talent or ability into a financial gift to invest in the future of the church.

TOGETHER: empowered by God’s Holy Spirit, we will meet this challenge and move forward to  realize the dream and vision that God has placed in our hearts.  We are one family in Christ, every one is unique and gifted, every gift will be of great use and blessing, no matter the size.

Special Gifts:

Some of us may be in a position that is difficult to make a pledge or foresee the events of the next few years.  We may be able to set aside part of our estate and make a special bequest to the Capital Campaign.

There are many different ways to arrange this kind of donation.  Please consult your family lawyer or some of our church members who have expertise in that area.