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What is a Supper Club? 


  At Lancaster United Methodist we often talk about transformation...
     being transformed through worship, through prayer, and through service.
  Being in relationship with others is another way of being transformed,
     and the central part of our "Supper Clubs" is knowing one another on a deeper level.

  Supper Clubs are a way to build relationships with other members of our church family. 

  Supper clubs are intergenerational groups.
  They include people who are new to Lancaster UMC
     as well as people who have been a part of our congregation for a long time.

  The groups meet about once a month during the school year for potluck meals, picnics or resturant meals.
  The only item on the agenda is to get to know one another.

   The purpose of the Supper Clubs is simply to help us get to know each other better over a casual meal.



                       Each meeting usually consists of:

          * Eating together

          * One family telling their story.
                Each month someone else tells their story
                until all have told their stories.

          * Brief time of prayer asking if there are concerns
                or celebrations.

A typical Supper Club group has 8-12 people in it. Couples and Singles are all welcome.

One person or couple hosts all of the meetings at their 

Another person or couple leads the group by communicating with everyone in the group about 
meeting times and what to bring to each potluck.
Everyone else in the group brings food to meetings and 
tries to communicate with the leader about their own availability.

Supper Clubs reorganize three times a year.  Each time names are shuffeled and you get to meet new people.
     FALL:  They meeting once a month for Sept. - Oct. - Nov.
     CHRISTMAS PARTY: All the supper clubs gather and host
             together the annual Christmas Party for the whole church
             on the first Saturday of December.
     WINTER: They meet once a month for Jan. - Feb. - Mar.
     SPRING:  They meet once a month for Apr. - May - Jun.
     SUMMER: Supper clubs do not meet but often informal "suppers" happen.

Each Supper club has a regular contact person.



Ask the Supper Club coordinators: 

Vicki Fisher

Howard Horn

Satoka Hanaoka

For more information, contact Vicki, Howard or Satoka @ 661-942-0419 or email her at:

There is no better way to get to know fellow Lancaster UMC church members than by enjoying a meal together. 
Supper Clubs meet once a month for 12 months in various homes or locations.

Sign-ups take place three times a year, but there are always groups open for new members or substitutes.

Supper Clubs are a great opportunity to meet new people in a casual environment centered around food and fellowship.





Frequently Asked Questions:   FAQ

Remember, the purpose is to help us meet as many other people as possible, so we hope you can make as many of the meetings as you can, even if it’s not your preference. 


Who are the coordinators?  What do they do?

 A:  A coordinator is usually a contact person for the three months that the supper club meets.  They provide connection with the Planning committee. 


Who are the Host(s)? What do they do?

 A: Hosts rotate as they share in opening their homes
     or choosing a resturant.


Who is the on the Planning committee?
        A: Vicki Fisher, Howard Horn and Satoka Hanaoka.
             If you would like help them give them a call. 661-942-0419


Are Children welcome?

       A: Usually.  Each group decides on their own if children
            would enjoy the meal together with others.


What if I don’t drive at night?   …or at all?

        A: Simply let us know.  We'll pair you with someone who does.

















Frequently Asked Questions:   FAQ


When do the Supper Clubs start?   

A: Supper Club session begins January, April and September and last for 3 months.


Are there any Special Events?

             A:  Yes! A Christmas Potluck – First Saturday of Dec.

               Summer Picnic- Second Saturday of July.

When do they meet?  Where do they meet?

A: The Coordinator sets the first meal time, date and place,
                 and then the group decides on the future meals.


Who provides the food?

A: The Coordinator either arranges a home for a pot-luck
                 or a hosted meal, or reserves a restaurant.


How long are the “suppers?”

A: Usually from 1 ½ to 2 hours, approximately.


Can they meet more than once a month?

A: Yes, that’s up to the group’s discretion.


How are the group’s constituted?

A: The Planning team divides the groups each time to work out a mixing of new people.




How can I join?  How do I sign up for the next session?

A: Call the church office, (661.942.0419), turn in a registration slip or fill in the form below.


Can I join at any time?

A: Yes, and the planning team will put you in an upcoming group.


Do I have to be a member of LUMC?

A: No, everyone is welcomed to be part of our Supper Club program.


Can I bring new people?

A: Yes!  That would be great.  Be sure to check with your coordinator to make sure a place is set for them.


Is it just for couples, can singles join?

A: Supper Clubs are for every adult.


Do I need to sign up each time?

             A: Once you are signed up, you will continue to be included until you indicate otherwise..


What if I prefer homes to restaurants?   Or restaurants to homes?

A: Each group decides how, where and where it will meet over the coming few months.  It may be a mixure of homes and resturants or all one or the other.

What if I miss a meeting?

A: Supper Clubs are for every adult.