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We strive to love ALL people into relationship with Jesus Christ.
Our doors are always open for YOU!

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The congregation here has a long history of faithfulness to God and service to the community.  Our fellowship was first organized in the Antelope Valley in 1884.

 A brief history of our congregation and it's growth is found here.


This two handed approach: with heart and hand, is a key understanding of the United Methodist way of living life as a follower of Christ.

We do not see ourselves as alone in this journey.  All other faithful Christian churches and organizations join us as we struggle together to live as brothers and sisters in Jesus.  We especially pray for all the other churches in our area and we also pray for all people who work for the good of the community, nation and world.


We do take our Christian faith walk seriously and we hold each other accountable to the core understanding of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. 

And we also challenge each other to be an active part of our society, building their life on the eternal values of God and on the loving, Godly justice of the Bible.

Further information about the United Methodist Church is found at:  www.umc.org  and our general handbook is found here.

We've been

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...you belong here!



1. Welcome from Pastor Terry Van Hook
                      "You belong here!"

2. Our Beliefs (Faith Statement)We are Christians who believe and trust in the Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  We live this faith in the Wesleyan tradition found in the United Methodist church. 


3. God's Vision for us:  Our leaders met for over a year with prayer, reflection, bible study and sharing as we opened ourselves up to where God wants us to be in the next 3-5 years.  The result is a new and exciting vision that challenges us and leads us forward.


4. Our Core Values:  These values shape and guide us as we live together in community as followers of Jesus Christ.  They are an important part of our discernment process.

5. Safe Sanctuaries Policy:
We have a comprehensive set of policies and understandings designed to provide the maximum safety for our children and youth.  All are workers with children and youth are trained in these policies and the appropriate behavior when caring for our youngest participants.

6. Staff Bios & Descriptions
We have a wonderful, faithful and dedicated staff gathered here to serve God and all who are part of our community.  They'd love to meet you.


7. Contact Us:  By phone, email, facebook or dropping by.  We're here for you.

8. Governance:  Our officers and teams are all focussed on the mission of the UMC:  "To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the World."

9. History:  We've been and active and alive congregation in the Antelope Valley since 1884.  Here's some of our history.




We hope and pray that you will take the time to discover how God's Holy Spirit is moving in and through our fellowship and how the world around us is changed because of that Holy Spirit.