Lancaster United Methodist – Youth

    LUMC Ministries – Youth

    LUMC Youth are active! The video presentations that the youth recorded for Sunday services during the Advent season were well received by the congregation. Two of our youth, Illyana and Sierra, participated in the afternoon service on Christmas Eve (which moved inside due to weather) Our youth also led the service on February 28th and continued our worshipful exploration of Black History Month, as well as our discussions on racial reconciliation.

    For the immediate future, Pastor Greg and Chris Lee will be meeting with the group in the courtyard. Shannon will be joining remotely until the summer.

    The Lancaster youth come together weekly for fun, fellowship, and Bible study. Our goal is to develop the whole child by teaching Biblical principles and building relationships. Our meeting includes outdoor team-building activities and scripture lessons taught through in-depth discussions and small group activities that promote faith and understanding. We adhere to the mandated safety protocols by requiring everyone to wear masks and practice social distancing.

    For more information regarding the youth group, please contact the coordinator, Shannon Mims, or Pastor Greg Pittman through the church office.