Children's Ministry


    Children First!
    At Lancaster United Methodist Church (LUMC), we are committed to providing children of all ages with a safe and nurturing environment where they can effectively learn and grow in the Lord.

    We believe that every little one who comes to us is special and we promise to give the loving care each one needs.
    We partner with families to teach the Bible as an extension of what is modeled within the home and provide those children who do not know the Lord a visible example of God's love. 

    Come and find out what all the excitement is about.


    Are you quiet or noisy, dozing or frolicking, fed by a bottle or jar? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you belong in our nursery. Maybe you would like to nap in a comfortable crib or play with toys, or even our staff? They are eager to play with you!

    Come join us in the Children's Center, through the double wooden doors next to the playground. We are open for both services, just waiting for you. Be sure to remind Mom or Dad to bring you over!

    Help us... help them
    Students receive homework assignments and scriptures they can practice memorizing. Discuss the week's lesson with your children, the homework, and their Bible verse. Sharing their Sunday School excitement reinforces these important lessons of Faith.

    Sunday Classes
    Every Sunday our students get a chance to see, hear, and explore the Bible lesson of the week. Through stories, games, role play, crafts, and Bible readings, children discover God's Word and the treasures within.

    Children begin Sundays in the Sanctuary to remind them that they are important members of our Family of Faith.

    Students between the ages of Preschool to 5th Grade are invited to join our teachers in the Children's Center. There they learn about God and our Lord Jesus in an environment designed to make them feel loved, protected, and valued.

    Come join us as we learn about God's Love for each and every one of us!

    Going the extra mile...
    Go a step beyond and volunteer to be a teacher! Can you remember a teacher who touched your life? Would you like to pass on that same blessing to the lives of others? Our Christian Education curriculum makes teaching a pleasure.

    LUMC Sunday School teachers often work together, making the learning experience enriching for adults and children alike.

    We, as Christ's body, nurture one another in the Christian life and faith. God entrusts the children of our church to our care.

    Lesson Videos