Our fellowship is called to give in Gratitude for the Love of Christ in our lives in an above and beyond way.  We are called to tithe as a church to those in our State, Nation and World who are in need.

Currently, our fellowship gives away in this manner 14% of it's general income.

We call this our "Benevolences"  and their story can be found here.

Where The Money Goes

"This is about something bigger than any one of them. They just know there is a re
ason they feel good doing this, and God is that reason. They helped work a miracle."

--Retired teacher Francie Markham, describing volunteers for famine-stricken Zimbabwe

Whether we’re packing school supplies for a village in a distant land or putting money in our church offering plate, we know our gifts help God to work miracles. Some of the biggest miracles in The United Methodist Church happen because committed congregations pay their apportionments 100 percent.

One-hundred percent giving to United Methodism’s seven apportioned funds translates to supporting outreach through our church’s general agencies, paving the way for African students to pursue higher education, enriching 11 historically Black colleges, nurturing our bishops in their ministry, providing the financial backbone for General Conference, cooperating with people of other faiths and strengthening seminarians in their spiritual journey.

Apportioned funds enable United Methodists to do together what no church, district or annual conference could do alone.

All of this—and so much more—is possible because when we join The United Methodist Church, we promise faithfully to participate in its ministries through our prayers, presence, gifts and service. Paying our apportionments 100 percent, we become a part of something big and accomplish wonderful things in Jesus’ name!