Leaning In Sermon Series

Do you have a "Leaning-in" Faith? 

Are you finding meaning and honesty in a mistrusting world?

Is God reliable when there is so much tragedy?

How do I keep my family safe with so much danger and pair all around?

Join us for the Sundays starting January 14 and going until Feb. 4. 
Pastor Terry will explore the kind of life that often breaks our spirit and leaves us in hiding and what we as followers of Jesus can do about it.

Jan 14:   ...for Faith, Justice and Equality
                      Renew our Baptismal Covenant - Reaffirm our Citizenship in Heaven

Jan 21:   ...for Peace, Reconciliation and Hope
                     Dealing with the violence and anger that seems so vicious.

Jan 28:   ...for Hope instead of Fear, Joy instead of Anxiety 

Feb. 4:    ...for Trust instead of Doubt, Compromise instead of "Angry Birds"

                                   with Holy Communion