A time to pause and listen to God, speak to God, enjoy God.

The Prayer Ministry Team is always open to new members who offer prayer ministries for others, and share deeply in prayer on a regular basis. See Joanne Van Hook for info. 661-942-0419

Joanne@ocspeakers.com   or Lumc@lancasterunited.org.




Wed., Dec.13, 2017

7 pm-  8 pm


A time to pray,

   for all the hurts 

   in the world.


A place to pray

   that’s quiet



   and meditative.


Christmas is not only a festive and joyful celebration  but  also brings deep personal concerns, challenges and even losses. 

Give a Christmas gift to Christ and set aside time to pray for yourself and those in your life facing change, struggles, tragedy and  despair.  Let Christmas offer hope in a dark world.

The Prayer Service will offer several different opportunities for individual and corporate prayer.  Prayer Teams and Communion will be offered.  A silence to balance all the noise is shared.