Sharing our Grief together in the love of Jesus Christ

You are invited to a new: 

Grief Group – Tues nights 7 pm 

Starting Tues, Feb. 28, 2017


All welcome!

    (We'll meet initially for only 5-10 times.)

It will be held at:

Lancaster United Methodist Church

918 W. Ave. J, Lancaster, CA



Led by Dr. Karen Coy and the Rev. Dr. Terry Van Hook.

(Dr. Coy is the head of the Lancaster UMC Christian Counseling Center.  Dr.Coy received her Psychology Ph. D. from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1994.
Pastor Terry Van Hook has been in ministry over 40 years and received his Doctor in Ministry from Claremont Theological School in 1977)

From personal experience, We know the many times of grief and the lingering nature of losing someone close. We have a number of people experiencing grief and the loss of someone close to them.


Dr. Karen Coy and I are bringing a group together who have experienced loss and grief. Such a group will explore how the prayerful, unconditional love of God can be a healer and provide help in the depths of pain. 


We are aware that there are a number of Grief Groups around town, both secular and religious. We don't want to interfere with your participation in any of them.


If you are unable to attend on Tuesday evenings, please let us know when you can meet. Perhaps there are others who would prefer a different time.  Contact us at


Also, this group is open to all in the Antelope Valley. They need not attend Lancaster UMC.

We will use prayer and reflect on the Bible's insight into grief.


We hope you can attend and bring other family members and friends with you.