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       Beginning in the Fall of 2016 and throughout 2017, we are engaged in a major effort to pause, read, reflect and study together so that we might pray together and discern God's will for our congregation.  

     This effort will not be just for a season or two, but will set the course of our congregation for the next 10 to 20 years. 

     Thank you for all your time and faithfulness in the readings, prayer times and worshop times.
       A letter with all the dates and topics can be found at the bottom of this page.  It is in a downloadable .pdf format.

  Upcoming Workshop dates are
  •  1/21/17 @_____        Spiritual IntensityCultivating a deep love for the God we meet in Jesus Christ and encouraging a spiritual fire to burn within our hearts and souls.


  • 4/29/17 @_____        Missional AlignmentAre we making the right decisions according to our biblical vision and mission?  It is critical that a church’s plans, major initiatives, and activities stem clearly from a biblical vision/mission and drive for fruitfulness instead of from habit.


  • 6/10/17 @ Lancaster   Dynamic Relationships How well do we live our God’s unconditional love with each other and with those around us.  Healthy congregations work to have the loving relationships with others.


  • 9/23/17 @_____        Cultural OpennessHow well do we reach across cultural boundaries to share the Christian good news with diverse people, and especially with those who live around us?


  • 11/18/17@  Lancaster    Concluding Workshop / Planning for the future 

Survey Executive Report

Read about our responses to the survey 
and the four important measurments that were taken.

Also: there's a very valuable section of "Leadership Tips" geared just for us.