Stewardsdship Sermon Series


…and break free of the orbit of “stuff.”

Stuff!...  And more stuff. 

           And even more stuff.

Are you tired of too much Stuff in life?


”Stuff” seems to stick to us like the force of Gravity.


Join us:

4 Sunday mornings at 9 am & 10:45 am:


Apr. 15: “Discovering Gravity”
Apr. 22: “Breaking Free”
Apr. 29: “Tethered to God”
May 6:   “When We get it right”


What happened to our dream of a fulfilled life?

We’ve become overrun by acculmulation!

Regain a Holy perspective on your life.

Sort out the “wants” from “needs.”
Find contentment and joy again.


“Our lives are filled with “stuff” that demands our attention and waste our time,  It’s time to get things right. Being a Citizen of Heaven allows us to love, live and thrive!” -Pastor Terry Van Hook

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