Annual Funding Campaign 2014-2015

Annual Funding Campaign: 2014-2015

With God’s grace, and with your loving response of prayer and commitment, we have weathered a difficult year.  Painful budget cuts were made and we are reducing the deficit that we’ve been carrying for many, many years.  We thank God for each and every one of you.

This is a season of hope for us.  We are seeing increased giving as well as increased attendance.  There are many new families joining us in worship.  Leaders are stepping forward with time and talent to start new ministries and revitalize old ones like our Sunday School.  The power of the resurrection is in the air.

Now comes the more challenging part. 

We are in the process of renewing the whole church, of deepening our spirituality and raising up new leaders.  Many of you have taken on responsibilities to strengthen our small groups / teams / committees and classes.  Others have become active in the ministry areas such as FIVE ALIVE and Chronic Pain Support Groups. 

We thank God for you!  Such faithfulness will surely renew us.

In addition, we need to consider how God will financially empower us for the fiscal year of 2014-2015.

Over this sprintime, we have explored “(grace)-onomics” in our Sermons. It’s all about how we as followers of Jesus live as “Easter People” in a world that doesn’t seem to care.

It asks: “How do we live so that we are not controlled by anger, warped by violence, destroyed by depression and discouragement, or eroded by gratuitous sex?”  

On May 18, we had a “Celebration of Hope” We brought in our Estimates of Giving for FY 2014-2015 and have a wonderful brunch.  Our next 12 month budget starts July and will be based on the financial estimates of what God puts on our hearts. 


  This is a

season of hope

for us. 

 There are

Four ways to share 

your estimate of giving:
 Please let us know your best estimate

of giving for the next 12 months.

  1) Download "Estimate of Giving Card 2014-2015", fill it out and bring it to Worship or mail it to the church office.

2) Use the convienent on-line form of the "Estimate of Giving Card 2014-2015" found here.

3) Set up an Electronic Fund Transfer account with your bank that will automatically direct funds to our church.  Instructions are found here. 

4) Give a one time donation via PayPal to our church. 
Do you need help with your finances?

Do you wonder what to give?

Are you ready to consider how you can respond to God's great love financially?

Use the many resources you will find here.