Caring Ministry Team



"Then Jesus called the twelve together and gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases, and he sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal." (Luke 9:1-2)


The purpose of this group is to develop any and all ideas that God gives us in order to care for the homebound,sick, afflicted and hurting around us to the best of our God-Given abilities as we grow in Christ.

The Vision of the Caring Ministry Team is to reach out as loving, trained Christians and offer healing and help, strength and courage in all the painful and tragic situations of life. 

This includes illness, death, debilitations, limitations, divorce, job loss, HIV/AIDS, aging, military deployments and any other trauma.  We offer ourselves to be the hands and feet of Christ in these difficult situations.

To join the caring ministry team, contact Pastor Terry  


 A Ministry of Caring

SAT. MAY 30     9AM - 3 PM      Only $10

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     Need insight into dealing with illness, death, debilitations, limitations, divorce, job loss, HIV/AIDS, aging,  military deployment and other trauma?
            it is!!!

Our Caring ministry deepens our faith in Chrsit as we visit the homebound, the sick and the hurting around us. 

This workshop gives us the tools to engage many of the situations that our friends, neighbors, family and strangers find themselves in. 

Come and learn the skills and insights that allow you to be a powerful helper in the Holy Spirit of Christ. 

Led by Vicki Fisher and Melinda Hunter


2x2 Visitation

Visiting of the Homebound for prayer, healing and encouragement, we seek out those who are especially lonely and need the loving touch of God's Holy  Spirit.



 Additional Caring Teams currently here at Lancaster United


Possible new developments in Caring:    


i. Prayer Quilt / Prayers and Squares (Pat Stauning)
ii. Prayer Chain 
iii. Holy Communion to the Shut ins  (Pete & Kathy Yablonski)
iv. Bereavement Ministry (Receptions for Funerals/Memorials)  (Betty Jo Valdez)
v. Prayer board in office  (Janie Fishler)
vi. Sunday Prayer Cards (Janie Fishler)
vii. Encouragement Cards  (Janie Fishler)

Notes to those homebound and recovering are offered on a regular basis.  Anyone can fill one out, we'll deliver them.

viii. Bulletin Prayer Journal  (Irene Fleming)
ix. UMW Sunshine Ministry

After Worship Prayer & Healing Teams

Hot Meals 2 U

Internet Prayer Wall