Worship-Related Ministries

Many elements come together each week to facilitate worship. Sometimes you see their faces, sometimes you don't -- but you see and hear the fruits of their labor. For more information on any of these ministries, please contact the front office at 942-0419.


Hospitality and Ushering




"Welcome to God's house!"

You are greeted at the front of the church with a warm smile and handshake. Somebody else hands you a bulletin; another person makes sure you have a comfortable place to sit. The plate that is passed doesn't only collect the monetary gifts towards God's service -- it collects attendance cards, notes of encouragement, and prayer requests. Ushers do this, and so much more.

The hospitality team offers hot cups of coffee or tea (lemonade for the kids), and light snacks. Through their presentations in the foyer, one can browse the collection of pamplets, and learn more about other ministries and activities. Just as the foyer was a place of welcoming, it is also a place to linger after worship and fellowship with others, including our pastor, in a friendly, informal environment.

Contact Barbara Parkhurst for more information  (lumc@lancasterunited.org)


The A/V team is instrumental in the smooth electronic presentation of worship -- they make sure the microphones are connected and interfacing with the sound board. They control lights, and run the sequence of Power Points. Afterwards the team uploads the audio for each sermon to our website.

Contact Ray Maynard (lumc@lancasterunited.org) for more information.




Worship Design/Other Arts

Designing and arranging the hangings and focal art in the worship center






Praise Band - 9 am Worship




Sanctuary Choir - 10:45 am Worship

Contact Jason Woodell for more information: lumc@lancasterunited.org or 661.942-0419 


Contact Ralph Williams for more information: lumc@lancasterunited.org or 661.942-0419