Discover God's Will

To know and understand God's will is a challenging and ever unfolding journey.

In order to participate in that journey, we recognize that we need at least four major areas of activity in our life:

  • Personal Spiritual Discipline
    • Worship
    • Prayer
    • Study
    • Constant Dialogue with God and Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit
  • Social Compassion
    • an open heart
    • understanding of God's justice
    • willingness to "stop by the side of the road and help."
  • Global Circles Of Community
    • Reaching out to work with neighbors
    • Being connected to other Christians and churches
    • Working in national and global networks in order to increase God's realm


United Methodists look to four sources from which the word of God's flows.  It is with these four elements, (the "quadralateral") that we investigate and understand God's Holy Will:

Scripture: found in both Old and New Testaments
Tradition: the wisdom of the Historic Church seeking out the Holy Spirit
Reason: the God-given faculties of clear, compassionate thought and intuition.
Experience: direct personal and corporate experience of the Divine.