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How to Pray



A Pattern for Prayer


Prayer is the most central and most important thing that we do as Christians.  God has given us a gift in that we are invited to communicate directly with God on a personal, first name basis.

Too often we consider praying to be something we are obligated to do. As such, many begin to feel like a chore. But the danger is that we come to think of prayer as one more thing we have to get done, an additional item for our already crowded "to-do list." 

We fall into the trap of "it's what we do" that makes a difference vs "what's in our heart that motivates what we do."

Rather, prayer is more of a "holy habit," a spiritual discipline, something we work on to become second nature to us, much like regular exercise and a health diet.

A unique thing about our biblical faith is the central affirmation that God speaks.

In Genesis we learn that God spoke, and all of creation was born.

Think of all the characters in the Bible, from Moses to Mary to Paul and beyond, who hear the voice of God and are never quite the same again.

If prayer is a means of communication with God, it follows that much of our praying also needs to involve careful listening for what God has to say.  Prayer is as about listening much more than talking.

There are many ways to pray. Some sit quietly with hands folded, eyes shut.  Others walk and talk to God as they go about their daily activities.

Others find prayer most comfortably while working in a garden, others prefer to sit in a beautiful sanctuary or other holy place dedicated to God.

St. Paul challenges us to

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."  (i Thessalonias 5:16-18)

This simply means to be able to bring to our conscious mind the presence of God found all around us.

You can explore many different approaches to prayer here through our world wide United Methodist Church.

More information abut this wonderful gift of prayer is found at the Upper Room Living Prayer Center

 Prayerful Bible Reading: "Lexio Divina"

 An ancient and powerful way to read the bible is through deep reflection on the word, it's images and what God is saying to you through the verses.

A full guide to reading this way is found at the "Lexio Divina" pages of Alive Now.

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A: Adoration

Simply bring thoughts to mind of the greatness and awesomeness of God.  Remember a place of spectacular secenry, of a baby's birth, of the look of love in another's eyes.


C: Confession

Be honest with God about the places you have fallen short of your hopes and dreams to be a better person, of the places you have intentionally or unintentionally hurt or harbored ill will against another person.  Consider all the hopes and dreams God has for you and how you have allowed disttractions and personal wants get in the way of being with God.


T: Thanks

Count your blessings.  Think of all that you enjoy and all the people who love you.  Think of the great sacrifice of Christ on the cross for you.  Allow an attitude of Gratitude to soak into your soul.

S:Supplication (prayer for others)

Bring to mind all those who need your prayers for strength, courage, healing and insight.  Pray for the needs of our church, your neighborhood, our city, state and nation.  Include those in other countries as well.  Allow God's awesome power to take you into the needs of others all over the world.






Our Prayer Ministry


Our prayer Ministry is composed of people intentionally prayer at many times and places throughout the week.


Sunday Morning:

Every Sunday in worship we take time for shared prayer, led by our Pastor, and private prayer, a time of personal introspection, confession and prayer for others.

We also have prayer cards in the pews to indicate needs and concerns for our Prayer Chain and our Pastor to pray for.


Prayer Chain:

Lancaster United Methodist Church has a continual prayer chain consisting of many members who offer prayers for those in need. 

If you would like a name placed on the prayer chain, please call the office or send an email with the information to


Prayer Chapel:

To the south of our Sanctuary is a prayer chapel, open when ever the Sanctuary building is open, for you to have some uninterrupted quiet time with God.


24 Hour Prayer Line:

Healthcare concerns are not the only problems on people�s minds these days. The threat of terror and constant anxiety of what�s going to happen next have us all a little on edge, perhaps. A lot of people are turning to a 24-hour prayer center at the Upper Room.