Stewardship and Generosity

Generosity and Good Stewardship

Would you like to donate to Lancaster United Methodist Church?

You support and financial gifts allow us to be helping others not only here in the Antelope Valley, but acoss California, our nation and the world.  We thank you for your generosity and your prayers.

Methodist approach to Stewardship

       John Wesley urged us to:
          "Earn all you can and save all you can, so that you can give all you can." 

       He modeled modest living and sacrificial giving. Wesley made sure those early gathering of "methodists" took weekly offerings to help others in need.

       Today, we United Methodists join others to help all of God's children…whenever and wherever we can.

       Just as Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes when the crowd grew hungry, we seek to multiply our gifts and graces.
           Through our congregation, we are the heart, the spirit and the hands of God's outreaching love.

Either 1) fill in online form...

Click here to complete your "Estimate of Giving" 2017-2018 Card online 

Or 2) Download pdf form, print it out and return to church

Or 3) a donate a single sum via Pay Pal:    


Your Dollars stretch across the miles to help hungry children,
challenge adults seeking meaning and offer service to many others in need.


Gratefulness to God's great love in Jesus Christ leads us to Generosity in return.

Generosity is one of the most powerful responses to the love of God.

It reflects the unbounded generosity that God has showered on us through love, forgiveness, grace and understanding.  It lives in the same Holy Spirit of encouragement, reconciliation and redemption.  It is not only a blessing to have this gift, but a blessing to share this gift. 

Giving from a grateful heart reflects the very heart of God into all that we say and do. 

Even in difficult, overwhelming times our lives can be generous.  Speaking of the Church in Macedonia, he tells those in Corinth: 




                                                                "Out of the most severe trial, their overflowing joy and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity."                                           


          • How much do I give? What is a good way to start/increase my giving?
          • Do I need to return an "Estimate of Giving (pledge) Card?
          • Automatic Bank Draft   
          • Can I give propoerty, stock and other items?
          • What if I'm Experiencing a Financial Hardship? 

     Pray about what % to return to God.

     Find your monthly income line

     Identify the box where the two meet.

     Pray again for the strenght to give.

In addition,

...when we return a portion of our financial blessings to God through our tithes and offerings, we invest in God’s vision and mission, and we create an opportunity for God to work through us and through our church.

    The Bible guides us to give a tithe or the first ten percent of what we earn to God and God’s work as a choice, not an obligation to make God's Kingdom happen.  It includes all your giving to God, whether through this church or through other agencies and individuals devoted to God.

    For some, giving ten percent is a goal you are growing toward each year.  Starting with 3% or 5%, they add a percent every year.

    For others, the 10% is the starting point and they continue to grow beyond that.

    Our commitment to giving is an important step in our journey of knowing, loving, and serving Christ.  

    Take time now to determine your giving in proportion to your income, and then set a percentage that you can increase each year until you reach the tithing goal. 

    We thank God for you and for all your gifts and generosity.



 Some Practical Matters

Click here to complete your
"Estimate of Giving" 2017-2018 Card online 


Why do I need to return a commitment card?

  • Making a commitment with your financial gifts is an act of worship, an expression of gratitude and praise to God.
  • Allows our church to budget and better plan for our ministries in the coming year.

Why do I need to turn in a commitment card each year?

  • Financial situations change from year to year, and if we are growing in our faith, our annual commitment should likewise reflect that growth. Our church budgets for ministry each year, based upon the commitments of our congregation.

Additional Giving Options

  • Automatic Bank Draft, you can reinforce your commitment to give your tithes and offerings to God first, before anything else. If you choose this option, you will need a new commitment card authorizing the automatic bank draft each year. Check the appropriate box under Automatic Bank Draft on the estimate of giving card and you will be contacted by our Finance Office. If you have already made your commitment, you may download the bank draft form here; you may turn in your completed form to the office.
  • Stock Donations>  Also for your convenience giving commitments may be fulfilled by stock donations to the church. Stock gifts can be processed by calling the Finance Office for assistance at 661.942.0419.


What if financial hardship limits me in making a commitment this year?

  • Don’t let your inability to give at this time keep you from church. Remember that God honors your faithfulness and that your acceptance is not based upon your capacity to give.
  • We ask that everyone return a commitment card even if it is a limited financial commitment at this time.
  • Your estimate of giving can be modified and adjusted at any time due to changing circumstances.  Please call Gerry Saul, our financial secretary at 661.942.0419 If you are experiencing financial hardship, be sure to let our pastoral staff know of your situation so that they can pray for and support you.

As you commit to knowing, loving and serving Christ through giving, you are engaging in an act of worship, acknowledging that everything you have is a gift from God.


PayPal Donations


Stewardship – A Steward serves as one who manages another's property, finances or other affairs.  It is not just a means for the church to raise money. It is a way of life that recognizes that everything we have is God’s, and we are simply managing those resources while here on earth.

The Bible is filled with examples of grateful response to God's generous gifts. The Bible also teaches about our personal responsibility to share with others and warns against selfishness and misuse of God's economic resources.

Practicing good stewardship

How can you learn and practice good Christian stewardship?

          • Pray about your regular giving to God's ministry and mission through Lancaster UMC.
          • Model the humility and generosity God calls you to do.
          • Study materials on how to manage your resources and assets with Christian values.
          • Set up a schedule to eventually reach full tithing, or begin by tithing one week of every month.
          • Give your time, talents and financial aid to Missions and our new church campuses.
          • Remember Lancaster UMC in your will or estate plan.
          • Join the Stewardship and Generosity Team

Stewardship Team

The Stewardship and Generosity Team meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 7pm. We study new ways to enhance giving levels of time, talent, gifts and service.

To find out more information, contact: Janie Fishler, Office Manager -  661.942.0419