Worship Services

Join us every  Sunday...

choose one of our powerful worship times.

8:30 pm Chinese Worship

9 am - English Praise / Contemporary Worship  

10:45 am English "Relaxed Traditional" Worship

10:45 am - Spanish Worship

11:00 pm Chinese Worship

1:00 pm Japanese Megumi Kai Worship

On Sundays, at both the 9 am and 10:45 am English Worship services, relevant, informative and inspiring messages are brought by Pastor Terry Van Hook  (Sermons available here)


Every Sunday you will meet people like yourself, curious, questioning and sometimes discouraged, hopeful, excited and looking for God's presence in Jesus Christ.


All are welcome to come and discover just what God has in store for them. 


All are welcome to draw closer to Jesus Christ and become changed by the encounter.



Our Worship Center / Sanctuary

decorated for the Glory of Christmas

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Our worship...


Join one of our creative worship teams...

...is designed to do nothing else but to help us realize how much God loves us and surrounds us with joy, love, peace, challenge, healing and hope.

It is an awesome honor to have God care for us so deeply, and so we want to focus on God's presence every way we can.

Worship begins as we leave our homes and begin our journey to be part of the worshipping congregation.  It moves with us as we travel to our worship center and into our sanctuary.  It brightens us as we recognize others also gathering there.  

And then it compels us to go out into the world changed and filled with wonder, sharing our experience with God and working to transform the world around us to be closer to the Kingdom of God.

You are always welcome

at any and all

of our worship events.



Music Teams: (more info here)

9 am Praise Band

10:45 am Sanctuary Choir

Oliver Handbell Choir

Drama and Dance Team

Prayer Team

Worship Production Teams:


Worship Design & Production Team

Media (Audio/Visual) Support Team


Additional opportunities for you: 





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Here's a great video of the talented Mary Zimmerman at our Pipe Organ.


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