Our Core Values - Living together as followers of Jesus Christ

We are engaged in a process of updating, defining and clarifying:

      • Our Core Values

       •  God's Vison for us

       • The Mission 

  ...that we hear God calling us to in the Antelope Valley.        


Presented here is the initial draft of the Core Values Statement worked out over the fall of 2010.  We will continue to work on them as we move into the discernment phase for God's Vision.

 Please read them carefully, pray over them and become involved in this very important process of renewal and revival.

God is doing great things in our lives and we are excited about the new season that God is leading us to.

Additional Saturday morning workshops are being scheduled for the Spring of 2011.  You are welcome to join them.

In 2011, we will further refine these core values and begin to discern God’s will for us for the next 3-5 years.  A description of that future will become the basis for our Vision and our Mission/Purpose statement.



As Members of Lancaster United Methodist Church:


   ·      "We work to do good to one another and all."

·       "Everyone who comes through the door is a part of our extended, loving family of faith."  


·      "Spirituality describes our relationship with God.  We provide an open accepting environment to explore, grow, and nurture our personal and collective spiritual journeys through Christ."






·      "All strive to be tolerant, enthusiastic, prayerful, with a positive problem-solving attitude, and be committed to each other in Christ as we work together.


·      "Desiring to be faithful and responsible in our finances, we collaborate with transparency and accountability, and encourage tithing so that we can do God’s will."


·      "Our physical campus is a gift from God, to be honored and respected.  It reflects and provides an environment that is an extension of our words and actions.  It is where we worship, welcome, nurture, educate, love and grow in Christ."