VISION: A time of prayer for each other and our congregation

Prayer for week #5 of 5 Weeks

Join us on Sat., Apr. 14 

8:45 am - Noon 

2nd (and final) Discernment Workshop!

We are in a process of discernment regarding God's will for
the Lancaster United Methodist Church. 
Every 3-6 years, we pause, pray, evaluate our ministry
and then listen to God regarding the future of our congregation.

This discernment consists of 4 steps: 

1) Initial Discernment Workshop  (Mar. 10) 
Reflecting on Scripture, the nature of the church community,
our personal commitment and the record of our past 3-6 years.

2) Pray, reflect and examine the status
of our current church activities
with regards to how well they have lived out
the mission of the United Methodist Church.
See full "Mission, Vision, Core Values" Brochure below.

3) Attend the next (and final) Discernment Workshop on 

Apr. 14 - 8:45 am - Noon 

@ Lancaster United Methodist Church
John Wesley Hall

4) Help share the renewed Vision Statement to all the groups
in the church with reflection, prayer and questions. 

Resulting in the final document to be presented at the 

All-Church Annual Meeting

Tuesday, June 19   7:30 pm - 9 pm 

Please download this "Mission, Vision, Core Values" Brochure here.

Statement of Mission, Vision & Core Values

Detail of the three main Visioning Objectives:

Detail of the our LUMC Committees dedicated
to supporting our Mission, Vision, and Core Values.