Music of Taize Prayer Service


Calm your soul

with the

Taize Music

Prayer Service

Sunday, Mar. 26     5 pm 

Labyrinth will be open at 4 pm


“The exchange with God becomes real for us in prayer:
by his Holy Spirit, God comes to dwell within us.
By his word and by the sacraments,
Christ gives himself to us.
In return, we can surrender everything to him.”

Other prayerful activities thru the year include:

   Lenten Sermon Series: 
        Every Sunday morning before Palm Sunday at 9 & 10:45 am 
   Ash Wednesday:
       - an opportunity for imposition of ashes
          on your forehead.
             "The Journey begins..."
   Holy Week
      -  Palm & Passion Sunday: Apr. 9  9 & 10:45 am

      -  Maundy Thursday:  Apr. 13  7 pm
                   @ Lancaster United Methodist Church

      -  Good Friday:   Apr. 14  7 pm
                    @ Christ Our Savior United Methodist Church
                            Quartz Hill
      - Stations of the Cross Good Friday Meditation
                    @ High Desert Woodlands Park - All Day

     6 am Sunrise w/Holy Communion and Confirmation 
                   of our Youth
     9 am  & 10:45 am Easter Celebrations  

Worship with us 

in prayer and song 

every week!


Description of what happens at our Taize Prayer Service.

It is meditative in character and is filled with music based on the Psalms and other passages of Scripture.

Songs are sung

To begin the prayer, one or two songs of praise are sung.


A Psalm is read.

Jesus prayed these age-old prayers of his people. Christians have always found a wellspring of life in them. The psalms place us in the great communion of all believers. Our joys and sorrows, our trust in God, our thirst and even our anguish find expression in the psalms.


Scripture is read

Reading Scripture is a way of going to “the inexhaustible wellspring by which God gives himself to thirsting human beings” (Origen, 3rd century). The Bible is a “letter from God to creatures” that enables them “to discover God’s heart in God’s words” (Gregory the Great, 6th century).

Songs are Sung


There is Silence

When we try to express communion with God in words, our minds quickly come up short. But, in the depths of our being, through the Holy Spirit, Christ is praying far more than we imagine.


Although God never stops trying to communicate with us, this is never in order to impose. The voice of God is often heard only in a whisper, in a breath of silence. Remaining in silence in God’s presence, open to the Holy Spirit, is already prayer.

The road to contemplation is not one of achieving inner silence at all costs by following some technique that creates a kind of emptiness within. If, instead, with a childlike trust we let Christ pray silently within us, then one day we shall discover that the depths of our being are inhabited by a Presence.


Intercessions or Litany of Praise are lifted up


A prayer shared by all is composed of short petitions or acclamations, can form a kind of “pillar of fire” at the heart of the prayer.


Praying for others widens our prayer to the dimensions of the entire human family; we entrust to God the joys and the hopes, the sorrows and the sufferings of all people, particularly those who are forgotten. A prayer of praise enables us to celebrate all that God is for us.


The Lord's Prayer is said together

 Concluding prayer

A Song is sung

 The Taizé Community


The Taizé Community, an ecumenical monastic order in Taizé, Saône-et-Loire, Burgundy, France, is composed of rather more than a hundred brothers, from Protestant and Catholic traditions, who originate from about thirty countries across the world. 


The music emphasizes simple phrases, usually lines from Psalms or other pieces of Scripture, repeated and sometimes also sung in canon. 

Earlier Taizé community music was conceived and composed by Jacques Berthier. Later Joseph Gelineau became a major contributor to the music.

Why do so many people (up to 7000 a week – primarily young people) go to Taizé to pray? Why is the Taizé prayer so attractive? 

There is certainly a multitude of answers but perhaps a key response lies in the fact that, at the heart of the prayer, there is a monastic community. 

Taizé is a little village in the south of Burgundy, France. In this village, over 60 years ago, Brother Roger founded a community devoted to prayer and living a parable of reconciliation within the church and the human family. 

The Community is made up of brothers from all the continents and major denominations who gather together three times a day, seven days a week, throughout the year to pray (whether there are 7000 young people present or only twenty). 

For more information on the Community, its history and on-going work see the Taizé Web site.