Celebrate the Retirement of Pastor Terry Van Hook

A Season to Celebrate 

the Ministry

and Outreach

of the People of Lancaster United Methodist Church 

It has often been asked: 

“What can we do for Pastor Terry’s retirement?” 

It would be a great honor for him and Joanne to be able to celebrate our four great areas of ministry here at Lancaster United Methodist church: 

EDUCATION: Christian & Secular/ Children, Youth and Adult 





With that in mind, there are some specific activities that you can be part of as we celebrate the retirement of Pastor Terry and Joanne Van Hook. 


Be sure to make every one you can. Attend the dinner, read the study, be at Messy Church, Worship regularly during Lent… all these will celebrate and give thanks for the ministry of Pastor Terry & Joanne.  



Is one of those changes that brings an end to some things and a beginning to others. 


Pastor Terry has had 46 years as an ordained clergy in the California-Pacific Annual Conference. 


He has served small churches and large churches and many churches in between. 


It’s time to celebrate his retirement is to celebrate all that has happened in those 46 years and all that has happened here at Lancaster United Methodist Church. 


You are invited to be part of each and every activity that touches on all the wonderful and God-blessed ministries here at Lancaster UMC. 



 The Rev. Dr. W. “Terry” Van Hook writes: 


“I wish to thank God 

for the opportunity to serve 

in Christ’s Holy Body, 

his church, that has brought 

Heaven to earth 

in a powerful, transforming way. 

I also thank God for Joanne, 

who joined me on this journey, 

not knowing where it would lead, 

or how we would get there, 

but was always willing, 

always faithful, 

to be a holy companion to me. 


Her faith grew 

and challenged mine, 

and together we were shaped 

into what we are today, 

a couple filled with 

God’s unconditional love, 

seeking to live out that love 

more and more each day. 


I thank God for all of you! 

Your love, support, friendship and

prayers have made these last 10

years wonderful ones,
 filled with

 and God’s awesome Grace! 

Pastor Terry



Here are all the activities

you can attend!


Final Sunday Worship, ONE SERVICE!

.......Jun. 30 @ 10:30 am 

A grand day when all our wonderful music and worship resources come together in the praise and glory of God. 


.......Sun., Apr. 7 @ 4 pm 

A time of quiet song, silence and prayer. 

.......Ash Wed., & Holy Week 

Prayer and Reflection on the Life of Christ. 

Ash Wed. Mar. 6 @ 7 pm 

Maundy Thurs. Apr. 18 @ 6 pm 

Good Fri. Apr. 19 @ 7 pm 

Easter Sunrise Apr. 21 @ 6:15 am 


Sun., Jun. 30 @ 12:30 pm 

Our church (SPRC) is putting on a full-fledged retirement party for Pastor Terry. You won’t want to miss it! Come prepared to feast and share your favorite “Pastor Terry” stories. 

Notes of Gratitude....... 

Pastor Terry has requested that in any written notes you wish to write to please describe how you have grown in your faith life in Christ over the past 10 years. That has been his mission and commitment to God for all these 46 years. 

Reading how God has worked and is working in your life, and in the life of those around you will touch his heart deeply. 

Here's what we've done so far....





.......Mar. 3, @ 9 AM & 10:45 AM 


A grand celebration of all the wonderful outreach and Missions that our congregation does. The Sunday morning worship will be filled with stories of Compassion and love. Tables will provide information on each Mission from our UMW to our Soup Kitchen and many others. 








.......7 Weeks of Study in Groups 


.......Begins Ash Wednesday: Mar. 6, 


Plus 5 Sundays of Lent & Holy Week. 


All our church groups are invited for a church-wide study that will tie into the Sermon Series by Pastor Terry. This will be a great opportunity for various groups to consider and reflect on the same scriptures together. 


Bible passages and topics covered include: “The Desperate Father”, “Forgiveness”, “Worry”, “Death & Mortality”, “Faith”, “God’s Will” and “The Resurrection”. 


Each small group will engage the study as they wish according to their schedule. Study books will be available early February. 










Food from all over the World 


Sat. Mar.. 30 @ 6 PM 


A grand dinner in the tradition of the church bringing together people from all our various cultural ministries: Japanese, Chinese, Hispanic, African and American. 


There will be buffet tables loaded with food plus lots of new people to meet and greet. 


You won’t want to miss this great dinner.