Living our our membership Vows

Ways to Live Out Our Faith

Our stories are made alive in God's great and unconditional love. 
We live and move because God created us.
And we so respond with the same forgiveness and love Christ has given us. 

Here are the ways that we can live as Christians. 

Our membership Vows state that we are...:

To be loyal to Christ
 The United Methodist Church   

                 and do all in our power
                         to strengthen its ministries…”


In addition, as Christians and members of Lancaster UMC, we’ve promised,

“to faithfully participate with our prayers,
our presence
our gifts,
our service and our witness.”


Here are the specific ways we can impact the powerful work of God in our congregation. 

You may be able to participate in some of these, perhaps all of these. 

We encourage you to open your heart and see where God is leading you, then follow!


  1. For your own personal insight, growth and direction as a citizen of God’s Heavenly Kingdom.
  2. For our congregation, that we learn new ways to reach out in hope and God’s unconditional love.


  1. Being present with us every Sunday you can as we encounter God      (…in special mid-week services too)
  2. Grow your faith by joining a Resurrection Family small group, Bible class, Faith Study or Workshop. 

C. GIFTS:   

  1. Share your treasures in order to empower our budget for God’s will and Kingdom growth.
  2. Gifts of Cash and Checks (Please use a giving envelope so your gift is properly recorded)
  3. E-Giving as detailed on our website:
  4. Donations of assets, bequests and special items   (please call Al Zimmerman for details

i. Regular giving via your Bank (No charges! Send payments to LUMC from banking website)

ii. Text Giving via  (661-465-4788)  or the  app on your phone

iii. Giving via Credit or Debit Card   (see www.LancasterUnited.Org/Donate)

iv. Giving via PayPal    (send $ to:

v.  Giving via Venmo

 5. Donations of assets, bequests and special items.(Please call Al Zimmerman for details  661-942-0419)


  1. Empower our outreach by helping in a mission / ministry
  2. Sunday School, Sunday morning , Meals to the homeless, Serve on a committee
  3. Lots of other opportunities to serve!



  1. Share your story: What you were doing before God became more real in your life, How God touched your life, What changes you have made because of God in your life.
  2. Tell others of God’s powerful presence in our church, invite them, bring them with you.


An easy and efficient way to share your gifts* with us.


Please note: These services charge a small fee, usually 1-3% per transaction.  Direct giving and Bank check do not have that fee.

To use PayPal and Venmo, send funds to