Sermon Series - Spring 2019


Have you ever wondered: 


“Is Heaven on Earth possible?”


“How do I live a better life?”


Perhaps you have questioned 

the values of the world,

or simply want to be happier.


Then this series is for you! 


Pastor Terry explores these questions and more in this 3 part sermon series.


“Perhaps we meet our heaven 
at the start and not the end of life.”
John Updike


Sermon Series starts
Sun., Apr. 28
9 & 10:45 am  


1) “Marie Kondo:
‘The Spark of True Joy is...’”


Please read  1 Timothy 6:6-12,
Matt 16:24-26 in preparation


(Child care provided all morning)

“SPARK” Sunday School
at both services.

Youth Class at 10:30 am 


Upcoming dates
in this September series:

May 5: 
2) “Before we can cherish we must...”

(Holy Communion offered to all)


May 19:
3) “What Marie Hates... and we do too often” 

(Consecration Sunday Celebration!)


Special Mother’s Day Message
May 12

with Heather KinKennon, Candidate for Deacon preaching    



Have you read the bible today?

Now is a great time to start.


Give it a try for 10 minutes a day. 

Start with the Gospel of Mark or John


It can change your life.