How is your Spiritual Journey going? / How goes it with your soul?

Living a Balanced Spiritual Life

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  There is much written about the spiritual journey and our desire to live a more Godly life.  John Wesley, the founding of the Methodist movement, identified "Sanctification" as the growing of God's Holy Spirit in our lives after we have chosen to become faithful followers of Christ.  

Our congregation is committed to raising the visibility and effectiveness of the many tools available to help us on our way.  We begin with Scripture as the foundation of our faith, and we add to that the witness of tradition, reason and experience.

The graphic above shows the six areas identified for a balanced life with God. They are:

    "Opening to Jesus" 

    "Obeing Jesus"

    "Worshipping God"

    "Serving God"

    "Generosity & Sharing Christ"

    "Hospitality & Welcoming All" 

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