Christmas Sermon Series

What do you really want

for Christmas this year?

Pastor Terry Van Hook preaching on

a unique view of Christmas that see past all the clutter. 

The Best Christmas Gifts

are wrapped in Heaven.


The gift of Christmas can easily get lost in all the gift buying, giving and getting.
"Holiday" activities can leave us with a warm glow, but it soon fades in the face of the real world.

Join us each Sunday as we explore the deeper gifts that God wants to give us.


Sundays: 9 & 10:45 am

     11/25 - "Breathe  -  and Simplify"   MATTHEW 6:24-34

     12/2 - "Family: more than we imagined"

     12/9 - "JOY"  -  Our Children's Christmas Pagent

     12/16 - "Peace: Is it really possible?"  Christmas Choir Concert 2 pm

     12/23 - "Love" 

- Christmas Eve:  "Forgiveness"
                            Candle Lighting at all services

                       6 pm  Relaxed, family praise service

                       8 pm  Traditional service with Choir

                       11 pm  Holy Communion Service
                                          "God's Kairos / Our Chronos"