Making a Difference in our Commulnity

What can we do in the current Immigration Crisis?

(Ideas and Suggestions are found below)

Thousands of immigrant children

have been separated from their families.

As concerned Christians we can help find them beds

and temporary homes.


Pastor Bill Jenkins, of the

Christ Ministry Center, San Diego.

CMC is located in the previously struggling Christ UMC of San Diego.

Under Pastor Jenkins leadership, the facility has been maintained by the South District
and become home to over a dozen new "start up" churches.

In addition, CMC is working with Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE)
to provide shelter and assistant to asylum families and 
other refugees and immigrants. 

Our Goal here at Lancaster UMC is to raise the funds
to sponsor one bed for a year! - $3,000!

Come and hear his fascinating story on


FEB. 17 @ 12:15 pm to 2:15 pm 

Lancaster UMC: John Wesley Hall.





This is such a moral and political crisis! Our voice is important.

Tips and Ideas for Prayer and Action


1) PRAY: 
Sit quietly in prayer after lifting up all involved for God's mercy and love, and listen for the still, quiet voice that moves in your heart and calls you to action.

2) Send needed help IMMEDIATELY! 
- via Church World Service / UMCOR

You can purchase necessary clothing. baby bottles and other supplies for those affected through this Amazon registry (this system ensures anonymity for our partner organizations, and direct delivery of exact items and quantities needed).

3) Keep informed - Contact reputable sources, Read the Bible, talk with others.

Policies are changing weekly and this is an evolving area of national discussion. Do you best to verify the facts, don't spread rumors or half-truths.  Ask others to do the same.

Christians and Churches also can become more aware of the root causes of the current crisis.
Many of the families at the border are fleeing violence in Central America, says Soerens. In the past, he says, they’d have applied to become refugees.


- Biblical References to Immigrants & Refugees

What the Bible says: How to treat Refugees

- 7 Top Bible verses on Immigration 

- Welcoming the Stranger


UMC Board of Church and Society

Evangelical Immigration Table

4) Speak Out, let your loving heart be seen.

We as Christians, and together as the church, can speak out to our friends, families and neighbors on behalf of immigrants and talk about “God’s heart for people."

It's important to focus on God’s care for immigrants—and on moral and Christian teaching—when talking about the issue.  

The bible has many references to being kind, caring and compassionate not only to your friends and family, but to strangers, the immigrant and even your enemies!

Now is the time to share your faith in a real and concrete time of moral crisis.

5) Contact our national leaders regularly.

Call, text, write, email your congressmen, senators, and the president. Write op-eds and letters to the editor.

Contact your elected government officials demanding immediate change through this tool offered by the General UMC Board of Church &Society:

6) Help with our twice a year Naturalization an Immigration Clinic

Twice a year, Lancaster United Methodist Church offers a clinic for those seeking Naturalization and Immigration Help.


Many team members work together to help this effort reach out to the people of the Antelope Valley. If you would like to help, contact Donna Horn at or 661-942-0419.

7) Get ready to help, make the sacrifice.

a. Contact the the Office of Refugee Resettlement to get details on how to help.

Also, contact the Department of Homeland Security or more specifically, the Dept. of Homeland Security Citizenship and Immigration Services.


b. Learn how to be a Foster Parent.

In the Antelope Valley,contact:
921 West Avenue J, Suite C
Lancaster, CA 93534-3443
Tel: 661.949.0131 

Children’s Bureau has a foster care and adoption program that helps more than 500 foster children find safe, nurturing homes and facilitates more than 100 foster-adoptions each year.

c. Churches can get ready to sponsor families who have been split up.  Our United Methodist Church has an office in Los Angeles to help churches take on the mission of helping a family get resettled and learn about America.  Call 661-942-0419 for information.

Let's make ourselves available!


  Baby Bottles, underwear, backpacks and more can all be sent immediatly!



Since the United States has reduced the number of refugees it will accept, some families have crossed the border illegally so they can apply for asylum.

People fleeing violence in their homelands are allowed to apply for asylum no matter how they crossed the border, according to federal law.

“To obtain asylum through the affirmative asylum process, you must be physically present in the United States,” says the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services on its website.

“You may apply for asylum status regardless of how you arrived in the United States or your current immigration status.”


GOTO: www.UMCOR.ORG to donate.

We are on the ground, helping now!


Matthew Soerens, U.S. director of church mobilization for World Relief, says several nonprofits are working with immigrant kids who have been separated from their parents.

Many of those kids are classified as “unaccompanied minors” if they aren’t reunited with parents, says Soerens.

Bethany Christian Services, he says, helps provide foster care for unaccompanied minors. Right now the group is working in Pennsylvania and Michigan. There are similar organizations in the Los Angeles and Antelope Valley area. 

Catholic Charities also has a similar foster care program around the country, which it runs from the Office of Refugee Management.

“The best situation for these kids is to be with their families,” says Soerens. “It’s going to take a lot of advocacy for that to happen.”