Responding to Homelessness in the Antelope Valley



Los Angeles

Homeless Count

January 25th
Antelope Valley Count
Metro Los Angeles Count
South Los Angeles Count
Palisades/Malibu Count


811 Wilshire Blvd,
6th Floor
Los Angeles CA, 90017

p 213.683.3333
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People volunteer for the Homeless Count
for a variety of reasons, what’s yours?

Watch Amber and Kerisa explain why
they count in their “I Count Because…” video. 

You can continue the trend
by posting to social media why you count.
Don't forget to use the hashtags
#ICountBecause and #TheyCountWillYou. 


We are still looking for thousands of volunteers
throughout Los Angeles County for the Homeless Count! 

As the holiday season continues,
consider giving back this January
by volunteering in your neighborhood.
For more information and to sign up to volunteer

   Scroll down and learn how you can help in other ways.      


Join the DISCUSSION: Regular Meetings.

Lancaster United Methodist Church

918 W. Ave J., Lancaster, CA.

Fireside Room, (inside the quadrangle)

or join us on 

at the AV Homelessness Network Response Team

And here's the new agency in town:

Sponsored by L.A. County Supervisor Kathryn Barger:

The A.V. Homelessness Consortium

     Homelessnesss has been getting a lot of attention recently as the Lancaster Homeless Shelter closed, and the recent measurement last winter that recorded that the AV homeless population rose by 50%, etc. 

     The LA County: AV Homelessness Consortium, was called together by Supervisor Kathy Barger and first met at Highland High School, and then at the AV Collegein the Cafeteria.

     Out of 19 total members invited to her consortium, there are three faith-based members plus Grace Resources and the Salvation Army
The three chosen to represent the AV are:  AV Ministerial Association, Total Deliverance Church and Victory Outreach

     Everyone is welcome to sit in and listen whether you are on the Consortium or not.  As per all public meetings there is a time for public comments at the end if you wish to add to the discussion.  (Be sure to sign up a speaker card for the agenda item you wish to speak to.)

     Watch for upcoming dates of this great AV wide group!

     Please try to attend or perhaps send someone

     interested in Homelessness to these meetings. 

Lancaster United Methodist Church is involved too!

Our Lancaster United Methodist Church has been reaching out to the Homeless for over 30 years.

Our SOUP KITCHEN serves 200-400 plates a day every Monday and Thursday.

Our BLESSING BAGS have been given away to countless people on the street.

Many INDIVIDUALS in our congregation have sought ways to help those less fortunate around us.

This coming tuesday we'll have a discussion on how best we can respond to the recent closing of the Lancaster Shelter.

Please join in with us.

   918 w. Ave J Lancaster



Plus: A great documentary to watch!


"On the Streets 

A 12-part video series

about homelessness

in Southern California"