LUMC Community Kitchen


Twice a week 

     the hungry find a hot meal

             waiting for them here. 


  30th Year Anniversary in 2019!  
In 2009,  Bishop Mary Ann Swenson
        helps us celebrate 20 years
        of faithfulness and love.
                                    (She is in the middle with the light colored apron)

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For Over Twenty Five Years...


On Mondays and Thursdays

     ...volunteers at Lancaster United Methodist Church have served meals, without charge, to the homeless and those in need.
    200-800 plates of food go out from our Kitchen each week. (Over 10,400/year!)

     At Thanksgiving, a full turkey dinner is served each year for those in need and Church members alike. It's a great Thanksgiving party.

     This entire food ministry is supported by donations from Church members and community entities. 




     On Mondays and Thursdays from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm, 10 to 12 people serve meals to 140 to 250 people.  

     A typical Monday or Thursday starts with early preparation beginning at 8:00 am and the final dishes washed and floors mopped by 3:00 pm.

     All food is prepared and served in John Wesley Hall. 

     New volunteers are always welcome. 

Please call the Church office at 942-0419 f
or more information.

Soup Kitchen-How it all Began

"ln 1988 we had a young woman in our church that was so grateful for all of the blessings she recieved, she wanted to find a way to give back. Her name is Pamela Johnson Weldy.

At that time 
Pam and her husband, David Weldy, were volunteering at the homeless shelter and had become close friends with the director, Roland Souci.

She talked with him and finally decided to 
start an annual Thanksgiving dinner at our church for those that had nowhere to go.

The first one was a very big success. When it was over, she ended up with $88.00 in donations for the next Thanksgiving.

Pam thought it seemed like a waste to hang on to that 
money for a whole year. She went to our Pastor, Richard Burdine, with the idea of having a soup kitchen everyweek on Thursday, (Thanksgiving every Thursday).

After meeting with him 
and our Pre-School Director, Jackie Brewer, She recieved their blessings and the Thursday Soup Kitchen was started in February of 1989.

The first Thursday brought in a whopping 4 people and of course our first crew, Pam and David, Nona McDougal Babich, John Mason, and Stan & Sharon Kindig.
The second week there were 10. 

There was no formal advertising, but word to mouth was powerful and our numbers grew every week.

Funds were small, but we had many blessings. 

Shortly after we started two Doctor's wives came, and on one Thursday when we had very little, Shevani (one of them) went shopping and purchased everything we needed for that day.

It seems like all of us did a lot of running to the store. We somehow always ended up with what we needed and no one went away hungry.

When we had extra, Nona would take it to elderly shut-ins.

To raise money, Pam started Souper Bowl Sunday. We also had a book sale that was pretty well recieved.

Of course donations were plentiful also.

Soon after we started, we had more volunteers. Coy Daffern, Earl Clapsaddle, Anne Chronister, Phil and Mako Roberts, John and Gloria Burns, Bill and Mildred Baer. Unfortunately, The name of the other Doctor's wife has left our minds. 

We thank God for all of them.

There were others then, we are sure and many, many more through the years.

Pam moved to Nevada in 1996, and it was after that that the Sandwich Shoppe started.

For all of these years, it has been an outstanding ministry.

One thing that has never changed is the enthusiasm and love of all the volunteers for what they do.

Thank You Pam"

                     -Sharon and Stan Kindig

 Here's one of our loving kitchen crews at Christmas, 2012
You are always welcome to join them. 
 Call the church office for more information. 
or email to:

Check out our website on "Souper Bowl of Caring" 

It has news of groups all over the nation
who are raising funds on Super Bowl Sunday