Alternative Christmas

Are you doing

some shopping this Christmas?

Spend some time

at our Alternative Shopping Market!!!!

These gifts As God has so generously given to us, we in gratitude, 
find the overwhelming love of Christ leading us to give as well.  


What is an Alternative Gift?


Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ's)

What is an alternative gift?

O.k. It’s time to start your Christmas shopping list. Does your uncle really need another tie?

Why not give him a gift that aligns with his passion for the hungry?

Your best friend was a teacher all her life. What if you could find a gift that supports children and youth in the midst of crisis?

All the children in your family have grown up and, like many, your relatives are concerned about all the people  affected by recent disasters.

You want to give them gifts that will warm their hearts, and you wonder if there might be an alternative to buying them  something from the store you’re not sure they even need.


 A few simple steps: 

• Think about the person you would like to give a special gift.  

• Think about what Charity from the list below (or from other charities) would honor them the most? 

• Download the forms below.  One is a description of the process, another one lists the causes that are focussed on this year.

• Download the "Shopping List" and use it to tally up all the gifts you want to make.

• Total it all up and then add your check or cash.
      You can use our convienent 
             e-Giving option.   

• Send/bring the form & check to Lancaster United Methodist Church, 918 w. Ave. J, Lancaster, CA 661-942-0419

•  Find a Christmas Card that expresses your hopes and dreams for them.

•  Write in the card:  
      "In your honor, $xxx.xx has been given
           to ___________
(name the charity)

• Add your own personal words of love and affection.

• Give the card to them for Christmas.  
Explain what Alternative Giving is all about.
Tell them how the Love of God has changed your life and you want to make a difference in the world.  
...And that they inspired you to donate to this particular charity.  
Have a great conversation about it with them! 



The idea is simple... Christ's love, 
give a gift to a worthy charity...

As God has so generously given to us, we in gratitude, 
find the overwhelming love of Christ leading us to give as well. 
Here are some ways to make your holidays into Holy Days.
Give gifts with a purpose and with a blessing...


Have no fear. Buying alternative gifts is an inspiring, meaningful and easy way to do your holiday shopping.

An alternative gift supports a direct need for a person or community in need, books for a child in our Footprints Christian Childcare center, or helping us refurbish our church Kitchen for the twice weekly feeding of the hungry and the homeless.

The gift becomes three times blessed:  Once for the person you are honoring, once for the people helped by the  charity, and once for the prayer in your heart for good work you are sharing!

What is an alternative gift fair?

Alternative Gift Fairs provide critical information in order to make a good choice.  The causes represented are church organizations with established track records of helping people and the environment. 


At an alternative gift fair/market, shoppers have an opportunity to learn about our ministries and projects that work to address the world’s spiritual, social and environmental needs.

Working from  shopping lists, shoppers make donations to projects supporting a specific service or item to help communities and environments in need.

Shoppers can then make these donations in honor of family members and friends in lieu of consumer gifts during the holidays, birthdays, weddings and other events.


Will all of my donation go to the projects?

Yes. 100 percent of your donation will go to the  ministries, projects and charities you choose to support.


What if I  have more questions?

Ask Pastor Terry or please call the number below during the week.  

Please call the Church office at 942-0419 for more information.


• Here are some other great ideas:

• Nominate a family for our Angel Tree

St. Nick Room:  
               Collect Blankets, Jackets, Coats, Towels,
               Socks and More. Bring them before Dec. 16

• Join our "Blessing Bag" project!

• Click through to our linked pages
            and/or call our church office for details.

Download and print this  Alternative Giving Description above and fill it out and bring it to church.

Download the Project Descriptions and Other Ways to Give.

and mail it or bring it to 

Lancaster United Methodist Church.

918 West Ave. J, Lancaster, CA  93534

(661) 942-0419


  and if you want to do more.....

Here's two great ways to do that.