Adult Fall Classes 2017


Everyone is welcome!

Happening every Wednesday night for 10 weeks

Starting Sept. 6

Dinner from 5:30 - 6:10 pm

Classes 6:15 - 8:30 pm

Child Care available with registration

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Family Style Dinners:

Wed. @ 5:30 pm
 - 6:15 pm

Suggested Donation  $5/person


Everyone’s invited on Sept. 6, and every Wednesday after that for dinner.
On Sept. 6, come and explore all the Fall Class offerings, meet the leaders and the other class members, pick up the materials (@ 6:15 pm). 

After that, dinner will be available for 10 weeks.


Child Care is available
              (On a donation basis)
                    with R.S.V.P. 

Call us at 
to reserve child care for your child.

Wednesday Night Classes  
The Alpha Course:  (Basic Christianity)  

(10 weeks)        Led by Melinda Hunter  Cost:  $10

A great way to explore, ask questions, meet other seekers and new friends.  It's a wonderful discussion about all your questions surrounding Jesus Christ and the Christian way of life.  Followed by "Knowing God" 6 weeks. More details in the brochure.

How to Love as Jesus Loves

Discussion Leader: Joanne Van Hook

Participants Book cost: $20

Meets: Wednesday nights at 6:15 pm , 10 weeks

   Have you every wondered why some people “push your buttons?”

   ...or why you react in ways not loving and respectful? Anger seems to come so easily. Some people search for loving and happy relationships and friendships all their life long. Here’s how to find them..


ASK: The Topics that Challenge our Faith

Discussion Leader:    Ray Carver  Meets 10 weeks

Interested in what the Christian faith has to say about the current headlines?  Want to explore the various         approaches to living the Christian life? 

This is the class for  you.

No cost, just your participation is needed in a graceful, loving way.  Join us for 11 weeks of great discussion!




                 DISCIPLE BIBLE STUDIES  
*Disciple I  "Fast Track"  Bible Studies 

This year Pastor Terry will teach the NEW Disciple I  format of just two 12 week sessions with an extensive Christmas break.  Starting Sept. 6: Old Testament. Starting Jan. 10: New Testament.

(12 Weeks - New Testament Class
begins every September)

A 12 week, in-depth bible study that asks the question: "So what?" After you learn about the dates, places and names of the people and events in the Bible, you take the next step and explore what it all means.
Join us for a great time together with others seeking the answers that the Bible holds. 

Need a DAYTIME Disciple Bible Study?

How about: 10:30 am Thurs.?  Pastor Terry

is looking for any and all to meet on Thurs. @ LUMC. Sign up and let us know. Bring Friends!


Disciple IV: Wisdom & Revelations

Discussion Leaders: Ken Zear

Covering the Job, Proverbs, and other “wisdom” books of the Old Testament and the puzzling images and insights of Revelations. Starts Sept. 6.

(If you’d rather have Disciple II, let us know!)


Offered in Spring 2018

• DISCIPLE I: (Fast Track - Beginning)  
           Overview New Testament
           Led by Pastor Terry Van Hook 

          Genesis & Exodus (Old Testment)
          Luke & Acts of Apostles (New Testament)

Offered in Fall 2018

• DISCIPLE I: (Fast Track - Beginning)  
           Overview New Testament
                Led by Pastor Terry 

          The History & Prophets (Old Testament)
          The Letters of Paul  (New Testament) 

           (Detailed info on Disciple here)

  4 Week Grief Group



For those who have lost someone

         through Death    -  4 Sessions

         Tuesdays: Nov. 7-28 (only)  @ 6:30 pm

   To lose someone close is to tear your heart into pieces and leave an empty hole where they used to be.  We are reminded of them every day and we long to hold them again.

 Join Dr. Karen Coy, our Lancaster UMC Christian Counseling Center Director to  gather to share, learn and pray.

Saturday Workshops

CPR Training

Safe Sanctuaries / Safe Gatherings

Sat., Sept. 30  @ 9–11 am

Leader:  Sonia Robinson,  Child Care Coordinator

   As part of our ongoing training of leaders of children and other vulnerable individuals, we offer regular training as well as CPR training. All our workers with children are required to attend and also to have a background check.


Deeper Into the Real Me

Sat., Oct. 7 @  8:45 am -4:00 pm

Cost: $20/person

Leader:  Joanne Van Hook


   This is part two for all who have taken the     Enneagram I workshop.  It will explore in depth all the connections and influences that the different parts of your personality have on each other.




For the AV Mission Area

Men’s Retreat

Fri. Nov. 3—Sun. Nov. 5

Kamp Kare: Wrightwood

Cost: $129 A bargain!

   Pastors Jim White, Ken Gardner & Terry Van Hook will lead this great “mini-getaway with God.” with men from all over the AV.

There will be Worship, Study and Prayer, (of course), but also    hiking, relaxing and other great activities.

    Use sign up slip, call the office 661-942-0419 or go online.


Centering Prayer Group

With Joanne Van Hook

6:30 pm on 2nd & 4th Tues @ Joanne’s home

or 6:30 pm 1st & 3rd Thurs. @ Lancaster UMC

Both groups begin after Sept. 11

   Join in a quiet time that lets distractions and anxieties melt away as you learn to focus more deeply on God’s       presence in your life.


Child Care available (donation basis)
with R.S.V.P. 
Call us at 661-942-0419 to reserve child care for your child.

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