Resources for our Readiness 360 Vision Process 2017

Readiness 360+  Resources

1.  Initial Survey Results

2.  Initial Discipleship Survey Instructions  (click on image to expand and/or download instructions)
       To enter survey and set up your ID and password.......

3. Real Discipleship Survey Tutorial: 
  • As you look down the left hand column of the survey tool, you will notice that there are 6 different colored boxes.

  • As you scan across the survey you will find that there are four boxes that are all the same color

  • Read the statements in the four boxes for each color grouping and pick the statement that best reflects where you are in your journey as a disciple of Jesus Christ

  • Click on the box with the statement you have selected

  • At this point all the boxes from that color grouping will turn gray.

  • Please select the next color grouping and repeat until all the boxes have turned gray.

  • Select submit and you will immediately receive your report sent to the email address you provided