Credit Card Use and Christ
Credit Cards and Christ   

Consumer debt is a serious and real problem for many families. The crushing weight of consumer debt has become a modern-day form of slavery to those who cannot get out from under its burden and power.

However, most people use their credit cards responsibly and many Christians include their giving to the church as part of their overall personal financial management plan.  Some cards even earn “bonus points” that allow for extra trips and discounts.

We encourage the use of Debit Cards, Gift Cards.  If a gift is to be made using a Credit Card, we encourage paying the balance of that card every month.

If you would like to learn more about managing your finances and avoiding the problematic consequences of too much debt, please look into our upcoming classes we will be scheduling soon. In those classes you will learn prayerful, faithful ways to manage all your assets.

If you have any questions, please call Al Zimmerman (661-942-0419) via our church office.



Here are a couple of very well written articles on how our faith informs our Credit Card decisions.

"Should Christians Have
or Use Credit Cards?"
by Brian Scheifler

"Christians and Credit Cards"  
by Howard Dayton


Why we Give


We are a people of gratitude.


In Jesus Christ, God has blessed us with the generous and real presence of forgiving, challenging, unconditional love. 


The Holy Spirit directs us and gives us joy as we join in God’s work to share that redeeming love everywhere we go.


We know that God has placed on our hearts a desire to give and so God entrusts us with talents and resources for good in the world.  It’s a joy to partner with God in this life-changing Mission to be disciples who transform the world.