2017 Mortgage Campaign

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God
and His righteousness,
and all these things will be added unto you." 
                            — Matthew 6:33



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* How the Grand Foyer is used

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Join the Vision Campaign

11 years ago, in 2006, we took the significant step to make real what had been a dream for many years.  Phase I of our Master Plan became a reality.  A major addition and renovation of our Sanctuary was accomplished.

As a result, we have an inspiring addition to the Sanctuary that helps everyone who enter feel the love and warmth of Christ. 

What a blessing to have an area like that to shield us from out of the wind, heat and cold! Our refurbished Sanctuary celebrates God’s presence in sight and sound.  The new rooms support many new ministries from music to adult studies to Vacation Bible School.

Our Living the Vision Campaign hopes to significantly pay down our debt so that we can soon begin to think about Phase II: an Education Building.

Our gifts in this campaign are “over and above” our
 commitment to the Annual Operating Budget (our Unified Budget.)  We are calling on each other to consider committed, sacrificial giving to support this great blessing we have been given. 

We are not looking for equal gifts, but we are looking for equal commitment.

We know that the current recession has affected us all in so may different ways. But despite the recession, together with God’s grace, working as God’s people, we will attain the Vision faster than we ever dreamed 

If everyone who possibly can 
consider a special, “above and beyond” three year pledge, we will continue to strengthen both our congregation and the foundation for the future.

Grace and Peace —  Pastor Terry 



How the Grand Foyer is used.

Because of those who have gone before us, we are blessed to enjoy:

New expanded space for new and existing ministries, large meetings and study groups.

Our debt has been paid down.

A “home” for our choir and bell choir, and for other new music programs.


A chapel as a center for our Prayer ministries, and a new Bride’s room.

A Grand Foyer setting the atmosphere for worship and for overflow and small receptions.

Updated handicapped accessible restrooms with changing tables for infants.

A gathering space for fellowship after church, and for events such as midweek meetings, concerts, informal worship, prayer walking, and Vacation Bible School.

A strong commitment to our Capital Campaign (Mortgage) will allow us to continue these great blessings as well as plan for the future through refinancing our loan and planning for the future.