Contemporary Worship Materials

Listen to our live Contemporary Worship Band recordings. 

Go to and enter the password "av" when requested.  Then scroll down to the "SONGS BY THE PRAISE BAND" section. They are arranged by date.


Listen to MP3's of the original artists of songs we sing. (Just continue to scroll down on this page.)


Christmas Music


Glory Hallelujah

O Come All Ye Faithful

The Heart of Christmas (Bass Guitar)

The Heart of Christmas (with Capo)


Song Select Chord Charts

Go to this link to access a plethera of lead sheets that we play each week. After you enter your unique user ID and password, continue to the home page.

Go to "Favorties" located in the top right. You'll find all of our chord charts there. Refer to the Order of Worrship for the exact key you'll need.  If you're unable to locate a song in our favorites, perform a search using the song title. Most likely, you won't have to do this...I hope.

Let me know what can be improved in this process.